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404 Not Found
Season 4
Episode 4
Airdate October 27, 2019
Written by Kyle Bradstreet
Directed by Sam Esmail
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404 Not Found is the fourth episode of Season 4 of Mr. Robot. It was broadcast on October 27, 2019.



<@mrrobot> elliot, mr. robot, and tyrell walkin' in a winter wonderland. darlene meets a mall santa. dom is DTF.

Origin of the Title[]

  • 404 is a commonly used error message used to indicate that while a server is reachable, the specific page showing the error cannot be accessed.


Tyrell knocks out the Dark Army agent in the white van. At a remote gas station, Tyrell and Elliot come out to find the van and agent gone. Lost in a forest and walking in a giant circle, they agree they cannot start over or get out. Tyrell wants to give up when Elliot admits he never cared about him; he keeps going for Darlene's sake and wants to warn her before the Dark Army kills him. Darlene realizes that Olivia's access isn't enough and that Cybrus National Bank needs to be hacked directly. Seeing Elliot's apartment broken into, Darlene fears Elliot is dead. She tries to steal a car and ends up giving a ride to a children's hospital volunteer mall Santa. She admits all she has left is her brother, who she still loves, despite being furious at him. Dominique has a nightmare about being drowned in a bathtub by a woman she invited over who puts on a Dark Army mask. Waking up, Dominique appears to get her determination back. Elliot, Tyrell, and Mr. Robot find the van has hit a deer. The Dark Army agent shoots at them before killing himself. Shot in the stomach, Tyrell tells Elliot to finish it and take care of the Whiterose. Walking into the forest, a dying Tyrell finds a light as the screen fades to white.

Episode Notes[]



  • Power to Believe by The Dream Academy plays whilst Darlene is confiding to Tobias.




Guest Starring

  • Jon Glaser as Tobias
  • Roberta Colindrez as Happy Hard on Henry

  • Co-Starring

  • Susan Barnes Walker as a Cashier

  • Uncredited

  • Kyro Wavebourne as a Dark Army Operative

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