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405 Method Not Allowed
Season 4
Episode 5
Airdate November 3, 2019
Written by Sam Esmail
Directed by Sam Esmail
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405 Method Not Allowed is the fifth episode of Season 4 of Mr. Robot. The episode was broadcast on November 3, 2019.



<@mrrobot> no xmas lolz for dom. darelliot gives a run-around. krista plays hookie. quiet pls, the show is on.

Origin of the Title

  • "Method not allowed" is a HTTP error code indicating the client made a request that the server is unable to handle. For example: If the client tries to retrieve data from a server with a GET command but the server is expecting to recieve data with a POST commnand this error code is used 


Episode Notes


  • Darlene uses cyanoacrylate fuming to make the fingerprint stand out on the scanner. Superglue (containing cyanoacrylate) is heated to create a vapour that binds to chemicals in the fingerprint. Water is used to prevent the fingerprint from drying out, which speeds up the processes. To avoid exposing herself to the toxic cyanoacrylate fumes, Darlene uses a sealed plastic container as a fume chamber. Smart Darlene! When she opens the container and the fumes escape, she keeps her head almost directly in their path. Not so smart, Darlene...


  • "Ode to Joy", Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
  • "Mistletoe and Holly". Recorded by Frank Sinatra (1957)


  • This episode has extremely little dialogue. The "silence" begins when Darlene says "It's OK. We don't need to talk", and finishes at the very end when Vera says to Krista, "It's time we talk".
  • Darlene's uses her hacker alias (Dolores Haze) as her fake identity.
  • The main plot of the episode is a heist on Christmas. This is also central to the plot of the film "Die Hard", which a security guard is watching. Ode to Joy and Frank Sinatra also have connections to Die Hard.



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