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406 Not Acceptable
Season 4
Episode 6
Airdate November 10, 2019
Written by Amelia Grey
Directed by Sam Esmail
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405 Method Not Allowed 407 Proxy Authentication Required
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406 Not Acceptable is the sixth episode of Season 4 of Mr. Robot. It was broadcast on November 10, 2019.



<@mrrobot> vera tells a tale. darlene gets an xmas surprise. elliot goes rogue.

Origin of the Title[]

  • "Not Acceptable" is a rarely used HTTP error code that occurs when the client requests data from the server in a certain format or order that the server is unable to process.


Fernando Vera holds Krista hostage, interrogating her about Elliot. Elliot brings Olivia coffee after getting drugs from Leon in the coffee shop, tells her about the Deus Group, and asks for her help. When she refuses, he reveals he's spiked her coffee with Oxycontin, knowing she'll lose her son if she doesn't stay clean. Holding Darlene at gun point, Dominique calls Janice, who tells her to kill Darlene, since only her phone with Elliot's location is necessary. Dominique knocks Darlene out and throws her in a bathtub. Elliot attempts to force Olivia to call her co-worker who can get him access to Cyprus National Bank's more classified information. She goes to her bathroom and slits her wrists, but Elliot is able to keep her from bleeding out. She calls her co-worker after realizing the Deus Group was connected to her mother's death. Krista gives Vera her files on Elliot. Darlene comes to and attempts to reason with Dominique. Dominique tells Darlene to kill her so her family will be spared the Dark Army's wrath, but Janice arrives. Darlene reveals that she wiped her phone. Krista calls Elliot, warning him that Vera is coming. He tells her to meet him in Washington Square, knowing Vera will be there. Elliot is kidnapped in the street by Vera's homies Peanuts and Javi.

Episode Notes[]






Guest Starring


  • Jahneer E. Williams as Javi
  • Jim Stanek as Jason


  • Ken Holmes as a Holiday Commuter
  • Jay Russell as a Scientist
  • Jonathan Silverman as a Coffee Shop Patron
  • Gary VanMannen as a Holiday Commuter

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