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409 Conflict
Season 4
Episode 9
Airdate December 1, 2019
Written by Kyle Bradstreet
Directed by Sam Esmail
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409 Conflict is the ninth episode of Season 4 of Mr. Robot. It was broadcast on December 1, 2019.



<@mrrobot> fsociety v deus group.

Origin of the Title[]

  • "Conflict" is an HTTP error code which indicates the data that the client sent to the server conflicts with another resource on file. (duplicate file name, etc)


In Elliot's mind, Mr. Robot argues with Magda and Young Elliot about revealing everything even though Elliot hasn't woken up yet, saying Mr. Robot can show him what Elliot has done and Darlene might be able to awaken him. Mr. Robot and Darlene prepare to hack the Deus Group. Phillip gives them information on the Whiterose's machine so they can destroy it for Angela. Zhang, suspicious that Phillip and Elliot are planning something, secretly moves the Deus Group meeting location and meets Phillip alone at the original location, although Zhang is alarmed when Tyrell is absent. Discovering the meeting's new location, Mr. Robot sends Darlene there while he stays to get Zhang's information. Mr. Robot calls Zhang on Phillip's phone. Zhang says that Angela can be brought back, causing Elliot to reemerge, but he turns down the offer. Darlene releases an fsociety video publicly exposing the Deus Group and their location, taking their data when they call their drivers to pick them up. Elliot hacks a nearby cellphone tower for Zhang's data and the Deus Group is robbed. Phillip mocks Zhang, saying all this occurred because of Angela living on in her loved ones. Zhang shoots Phillip, glimpsing Elliot as he leaves. The FBI arrives at the Whiterose's residence and gunfire is heard outside her room as she puts on her makeup.

Episode Notes[]






Guest Starring

  • Evan Whitten as Young Elliot
  • Vaishnavi Sharma as Magda Alderson
  • Jing Xu as Wang Shu

  • Co-Starring

    • Laurie Segall as Herself
    • Paul Douglas Anderson as a Deus Group Guard
    • Allen Jared as a Deus Member #1
    • Alexander Saliba as a Driver #1
    • Pavel Shatu as a Driver #2
    • Yoshi Amao as a Driver #3
    • Nikolai Tsankov as a Russian Oligarch
    • Gio Castellano as a Parking Attendant
    • Ashley Skye Hutchinson as a Deus Server
    • Bill Tatum as a Texas Oilman
    • Randall Holden as a Deus Member #2


    • Iyana A. Campbell as a Cocktail Waitress
    • Edyta Cousens as a Out of Towner
    • Vinny Giovanniello as a Bartender
    • Ox King as a Driver
    • Michael Nagle as a Gala Attendee
    • Suki Úna Rae as a Presser
    • Rick Rosenberg as a Deus Member
    • Amy Southers as Amie


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