Derek is a bartender, aspiring DJ, and former secret boyfriend of Joanna Wellick.


Season 2

Derek meets Joanna Wellick while bartending Scott Knowles' promotion party, they then engage in a secret relationship following Tyrell Wellick's disappearance.

Joanna repeatedly tells Derek that they cannot be seen together. Derek eventually gives Joanna the ultimatum of coming to his 30th birthday party as his girlfriend or they're through. Joanna refuses to come but presents Derek with her petition for divorce from Tyrell Wellick to make up for it.

After Joanna is assaulted by Scott Knowles, she convinces Derek to give a false testimony that would implicate Scott Knowles in the murder of Sharon Knowles.

Season 3

After Derek testifies against Scott Knowles, Joanna Wellick cuts all contact. Joanna then appears on Frank Cody's program and publicly reaffirms her commitment to Tyrell Wellick. Distraught, Derek follows Joanna until Donald Hoffman confronts him and tells him he'll never see Joanna again. Derek then pulls a gun and shoots Donald Hoffman, injuring him, then shooting Joanna in the head killing her instantly. Derek is then shot and killed by Donald Hoffman.

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