Dominique "Dom" DiPierro is a FBI field agent investigating the "5/9 hack" of E Corp. She is a recurring character in season 2, played by Grace Gummer.


Dominique was likely born in the mid-1980s and raised in Bergen County, New Jersey. Her parents bought a seemingly rare clock from a Kmart in Teaneck, keeping it in the family room. She prefers to go by Dom.

Dom attended law school and was days before graduation when she decided to switch careers. At dinner, the person she was dating proposed to her. She excused herself to the restroom and escaped out the back of the restaurant. Several years later, she became a mid-level FBI field agent. If she was 25 and about to graduate law school, it is possible she is in her early 30s.


In June, Dom is seen at a deli ordering her usual sandwich. She makes friendly conversation with the Iranian clerk, Ahmed, inquiring about his family. When a customer behind her urges her to hurry, Dom has a laugh with Ahmed in his language. She meets with Gideon Goddard shortly before he is murdered, although it appears he doesn't give her any leads.

Dom ritually applies make up in the morning. Late at night, she masturbates to online sex chats and asks her Amazon Echo for the time, just to hear another voice in her apartment.

Dom is called to investigate the murder of Leslie Romero, who had a printed list of FBI agents at the crime scene. She is annoyed when an investigator sneezes close to her and is too late in stopping another tech from removing a USB from the computer, triggering a trap which destroys the unit. Dom appeals to Romero's eldery mother, rolling her a number of joints since she can't roll them herself due to her arthritis. When getting a cup to drink out of, she finds a flyer for the End of the World Party with the Fun Society arcade address listed. Seeing the "F Society" sign outside, she shakes her in disbelief.

The FBI search the arcade extensively. A bullet casing is found.

Later, Dom arrives at the FBI floor of the E Corp building. She lets a man know he is not allowed on their floor. She talks with a colleague about her recurring, frightening dream. Dom says she doesn't dream. Their superior, Santiago, has declared that they are going to China. At the Chinese airport, Dom sees a group of men wearing devil masks.

The Minister of State Security, Mr. Zhang, welcomes them to Beijing and promises them a tour of the four E Corp backup facilities. Their tapes were degaussed rather than attack with climate control. Dom brings up the Dark Army, a touchy subject which surprises all at the meeting. Zhang promises to deliver dossiers on the hacker group and invites them to a party, the night before the tour.

At the event, Dom goes searching for the bathroom and finds a room full of clocks. Zhang finds her having wandered far from the party. Dom recognizes a clock her parents bought from Kmart as an expensive, unique model Zhang bought in Germany. The two get to know each other, as Zhang explains his fascination with time and Dom tells the story of how she chose the FBI. In a bedroom, Zhang shows Dom fine Chinese dresses, which are said to belong to his sister. When the clocks chime, Dom excuses herself.

The next morning, Dom and her colleague are walking into the lobby. Santiago is elsewhere on a phone call concerning the contamination of finger prints on the Raspberry Pi at Steel Mountain. Suddenly, two masked gunmen enter and kill the colleague and others. Dom takes cover. She wounds one in the leg and he immediately kills himself. The other has her cornered, but he also commits suicide.

Back in the States, Santiago tells Dom that Agent Ramos recommends four weeks psych leave. Dom refuses, claiming the Dark Army wants to disturb the investigation. Santiago disagrees, citing Chinese blame on Uighur separatists and that hackers don't do shootings. Dom sees the suicides as suspicious. At her local deli, she learns Ahmed is closing up shop due to the economy. Dom orders one last sandwich.

On July 3, Dom approaches Angela Moss at the E Corp building as the latter is hacking the FBI. She introduces herself andquestions why Angela was on the restricted FBI floor, notably during lunch hour. Angela says she was making a date and tries to get back to her "phone call", as Darlene is helping with the hack. Dom explains that she finds it curious that Angela, given her history, now works at E Corp. She wants to take a statement, but leaves Angela to her work.

Dom immediately goes to check the security footage, but finds the entire archive corrupt. She tells others to sweep the 23rd floor and check Angela's computer, although the latter is likely to be clean. She then says she's off to find a 4th of July barbecue to be miserable at. The next night, Dom is interrogating a banker who illegally owned the gun from which the arcade bullet casing came. She offers immunity in exchange for a name.

The same night, the FBI pick up Sunil Markesh. She offers condolences for Romero before explaining how she linked the name DJ Mobley back to an Internet fan page he made. Dom wants Tyrell Wellick. Mobley wants a lawyer. Meanwhile, the leaked conference call about Project Berenstain is causing quite the scandal around the FBI. People are being fired. Dom is told to release Mobley after holding him for 12 hours with no evidence. The next day, Dom speaks with an agent who was Angela's date on 4th of July. She didn't talk.

On August 6th, Dom shows up at Angela's apartment with her favorite food from Nia's Gyros. She lets herself in and starts telling the story of a rare dream she had of a beautiful, "sexy" woman drowning her. She tells Angela that Ollie told the FBI about the Allsafe CD two months ago and they have been tailing her ever since. They know she's been freaking out. Dom offers a helping hand, because the next person coming after her won't bring food. She lets her know that in the dream, stopping the struggle is how she survived.

In the middle of the night, Dom is called to the smart house of Susan Jacobs. The sketch of someone breaking in matches the sketch Ollie described of Cisco. Dom asks why the FBI searched the house instead of staking it out. The investigator discovered that Susan Jacobs hasn't shown up for work and is now considered missing.

Dom takes the two matching sketches to Santiago to pursue the case. Santiago wants to put out a B.O.L.O. on the news, but Dom fears what the Dark Army is capable of. An ER nurse calls that she has seen the man. Dom arrives and deduces that Cisco and the woman he was with didn't run and plan to return for their friend. Dom searches the local area for places to eat. She finds Cisco and Darlene at a diner and confronts them. At the same moment, two masked gunmen arrive on a motorcycle. One opens fire through the window. Dom wounds him and he commits suicide. The other drives off as police swarm and a bloody Dom runs out into the street.


  • She appears to wear glasses at home, but not at work.
  • She has a habit of sucking on lollipops while on the job.
  • She works the cyber crime division.
  • She is not a fan of EDM.
  • She is a fan of the film Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.
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