Mr. Sutherland, real name Donald Hoffman, is an employee of Tyrell and Joanna Wellick. He is played by Jeremy Holm.


Mr. Sutherland was born in 1973. He lives in NYC. He has had a list of clients, all of them eccentric in one form or another. One was a first chair violinist who performed at Carnegie Hall. The client would masturbate in the car.

Season 1

On March 2, when Terry Colby is arrested, Mr. Sutherland picks up Elliot Alderson in Times Square. He accompanies him to the E Corp headquarters for a meeting with Tyrell Wellick. Afterwards, he accompanies Elliot to his apartment. He jokingly says to call him Mr. X and mocks Elliot when he doesn't laugh, assuming he never saw the Oliver Stone film JFK. He tells him to watch it and to pay. He gives Elliot a phone number to reach Tyrell at when he ready to accept the job.

Later, after Tyrell loses a meeting with E Corp CEO Phillip Price, Mr. Sutherland accompanies his boss to a street corner under a bridge where Tyrell punches a homeless man he has paid.

On May 8, Mr. Sutherland is there when Tyrell meets with Mr. Robot in the back of the SUV.

Season 2

By June, Mr. Sutherland now accompanies Joanna Wellick wherever she goes. He picks her up from her secret rendezvous with her boyfriend Derrick. Later, he is with her when she is paying hush money to Kareem, the valet who found Elliot in her husband's car 3 days after 5/9. He reminds her that they are running low on funds, especially when the FBI has frozen Tyrell's severance package from E Corp.

Later, Mr. Sutherland kills Kareem in his own apartment. He makes it look like a burglary, framing an ex-con who lives on the same floor. He injects Kareem with Succinylcholine to paralyze him, makig him watch as he was shot once in chest and once in the head. Mr. Sutherland asks why drug him, to which Joanna says it allowed him to have answers rather than a sudden death. Meanwhile, he is tasked with tracing the calls that are coming into the mystery phone gifted to Joanna.

On August 7, Mr. Sutherland drives his boss to Elliot's apartment to wait for him, against the driver's advice. They bring him back to the Wellick house, where she insists he trace the call. Mr. Sutherland is driving him back to his apartment when Elliot says they need stop at Micro Center to buy a computer. At the store, Sutherland plays video games.

At the apartment, Elliot begins tracing the call. Sutherland starts talking about his past employment, but Elliot tunes him out. When a location is determined, Sutherland takes a picture of the map although he is sure Tyrell wouldn't be calling from there. He shows Joanna the location, to which she says it is Tyrell's greatest gift.

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