E Corp Headquarters
City New York City
State New York
First appearance


Power belongs to the people that take it. It has nothing to do with their hard work, strong ambitions, or rightful qualifications. No. The actual will to take is often the only thing that's necessary.

— Tyrell Wellick

The E Corp Headquarters building, in New York, is a building devoted to the operation of E Corp. After the arrest of Terry Colby, Elliot Alderson was brought to this building and was offered the position of an in-house cyber-security executive by Tyrell Wellick. Since E Corp and Allsafe Cybersecurity have a non-compete agreement, and the job offer would technically be illegal, Tyrell had surrounded himself with the company's lawyers, and had Elliot brought in by security personnel.

Behind the Scenes

The exterior shots of the building were filmed at 135 East 57th Street in New York City.

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