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Even though what you did was wrong, you’re still a good kid. And that guy was a prick. Sometimes that matters more.
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Edward Alderson was Elliot Alderson's father. He was the owner-operator of Mr. Robot, a computer store in Bergen County, New Jersey. Elliot remembers his father fondly, including memories of trips taken to NYC and the shore. In contrast, Magda is remembered as being abusive toward their children. Before opening his business, he was a software engineer at E Corp, where he contracted leukemia while working on a project there, one of a number of employees to do so.

He initially only revealed his sickness to his son, Elliot, swearing him to silence, who eventually told his mother. For the majority of Elliot's life, the aftermath of the situation was remembered as Edward reacting violently, shoving his son out of a second story window, then bringing him to a hospital. This, however, was only a situation Elliot imagined to fill the hole of his repressed memories: as Edward came home, Elliot hid his sister in his closet, and began to wreak havoc on everything in his bedroom with his baseball bat. When Edward entered Elliot's room, Elliot threatened to jump out of the window.

In an unknown time of his life, Elliot began interacting with Mr. Robot, a construct of his mind looking and acting like an idealized version of Edward. The purpose of Mr. Robot remained unclear until December 2015, when Krista Gordon, forced by Fernando Vera, led Elliot towards an epiphany: he was sexually molested as a child by his father, and his mind produced the Mr. Robot persona as an attempt to cope with his trauma. The closet accident, possibly the first manifestation of Mr. Robot, happened because Elliot was afraid of what his father would have done to him; he hid Darlene in the closet to protect her from Edward.

Edward died on February 25, 1995 at the age of 45. The last interaction we see between him and Elliot implies that his son was fully conscious of his father's abuse, treating him with spite and contempt, refusing to forgive him and leaving him once he collapses on the floor unconscious.