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Season 3
Episode 4
Airdate November 1, 2017
Written by Kyle Bradstreet
Directed by Sam Esmail
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eps3.3_metadata.par2 is the fourth episode of Season 3 of Mr. Robot. It was broadcast on November 1, 2017.



<@mrrobot> dom has a close call. elliot chases himself with darlene on the lookout. mr. robot doesn't have a need for swede. angela is savage AF.

Origin of the Title[]

  • In computing, metadata is data that provides details about other data, such as when created, file size and data creator.
  • The extension: A .par2 file contains error-correction data that can be used to fix files corrupted during a download or used to re-create missing files.


The episode takes place immediately after Episode 2. While on the train, Darlene is pickpocketed, but she only asks the pickpocket to return Elliot's family photo, believing that she also stole from everyone during Five/Nine. Returning to her apartment, Dom advises Darlene not to blow her cover to Elliot, but Elliot still brings her to his apartment. The siblings plan to bring down the Dark Army by themselves, with Elliot giving Shayla's apartment to Darlene to monitor Mr. Robot's movements. The FBI capture the fsociety member who posted the video a few days ago, but he keeps mute about his employers. Darlene watches Angela interact with Mr. Robot, and asks Dom to allow her to investigate without a wire, for fear of harming Elliot. At the Dark Army hideout, while Tyrell attacks Mr. Robot for Elliot's actions in delaying Stage 2, Elliot reawakens, but is knocked out by Angela, who forcibly keeps him in her apartment and requests Phillip to fire him from E-Corp because of his actions. Together, Tyrell and Angela plan for Stage 2 to happen on Monday, September 29.

Episode Notes[]



  • "Dance Hall Days" by Wang Chung. Plays as Angela having conversation with Otto Irving.
  • "Under the Tide" by Chvrches. Plays as Darlene speaks with Dom about her troubles.
  • "Everything Means Nothing to Me" by Elliott Smith. Plays as Darlene enters Elliot’s apartment and places an old picture of them before she leaves.


  • The film showing in the apartment of the character who created the fsociety video is Love Actually. Actor Hugh Grant can be seen on the left side of the screen.

Easter Eggs[]



Guest Starring


  • Scott Burik as the Driver
  • Sharla McBride as a News Reporter


  • Steve Garfanti as a International Banker
  • Faith Logan as Ella

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