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(Kill Process)
Season 3
Episode 6
Airdate November 15, 2017
Written by Kyle Bradstreet
Directed by Sam Esmail
U.S. viewers 0.60 M
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[Suggest quote] is the sixth episode of Season 3 of Mr. Robot. It was broadcast on November 15, 2017.



<@mrrobot> remember, remember, 29th of september. elliot faces off with mr. robot. dom grows tired of red tape but tries the ribs for escape. tyrell's new plan wont be forgot.

Origin of the Title[]

  • To kill a process is to terminate running computer processes, and is usually performed through signals sent via a command on operating systems.
  • The extension: The .inc extension is a text file containing declarations, headers, functions, or other data referenced by a program's source code, and can be used with various computer languages, like C and C++.


In a flashback to her childhood, Angela promises Edward to keep an eye out for Elliot, and her dying mother Emily promises to see her again. Back in the present, Angela ignores Elliot's accusations and forcibly dismisses him. Elliot realizes the Dark Army hideout is at a Red Wheelbarrow BBQ, and passes the information to Dominique through Darlene. Dom informs Santiago of the hideout, but he refuses to let them go there and secretly tells Otto Irving to take care of Tyrell. Dom and Norm disobey Santiago and go to the hideout to investigate, while Tyrell refuses to follow Irving's instructions after he realizes he has been used by the Dark Army. Elliot heads to the data recovery center to stop Stage 2. Mr. Robot tries to stop him, but helps him after he realizes that the center doesn't have any paper records. Tyrell tries to warn the public about the attack, but is detained by the FBI. Darlene confronts Angela about her involvement with the Dark Army, but Angela is confident there will be no casualties. Elliot stops the center from exploding with Mr. Robot's help, but is only aware of the Whiterose's true plan after he finds out that 71 other facilities holding the paper records have exploded due to his attempts to stop Stage 2.

Episode Notes[]



  • "Waltz 2 from Jazz Suite by Dmitri Shostakovich" plays as Elliot is in a taxi.


  • This Episode confirms Angela's mother's name to be Emily.

Easter Eggs[]

The VHS tapes next to the TV in Angela's flashback scene are labeled with films such as "Pump Up the Volume" (which also stars Christian Slater), "The Lost Boys", "She's Out of Control", and "Pretty Woman".

A poster on the subway car scene with Angela advertises a stage play called Repulsion starring Kaitlyn Doubleday, who is the sister of Angela's actress Portia Doubleday.



Guest Starring


  • Aaron Ramey as Young Donald Moss
  • Dave Morrissey Jr as a Bartender
  • Rafeal Poueriet as a Fireman
  • Olivia Khoshatefeh as a Young Woman 1
  • Maggie Hood as a Young Woman 2
  • Ian Campbell Dunn as a Security Guard
  • Junior Mendez as a Dishwasher
  • Leslie Shankel as a Grandpa
  • Joe Gioco as Grandpa's Friend
  • Dilan D'Lo Srijaerajah as Himself
  • Tony Cheng as a Dark Army Operative #1
  • Alex Estrada as a Computer Lab Employee
  • Arielle Hoffman as a Checkout Girl
  • Alix Elias as an Elderly Woman #1
  • Eileen Lacy as an Elderly Woman #2
  • Eric Orman as a Masked Man
  • Catherine Christon as Jody Axenburg
  • Zachary Byrd as a Employee
  • Soledad O'Brian as a News Anchor


  • Shannon Breckenridge as a E-Corp Employee
  • Roger Bremmer as a Officer
  • Michele Gabino as a Gala Attendee
  • Vincent Gao as a Tech Employee
  • Jarrod Labine as a International Banker
  • Michael Nagle as a Gala Attendee
  • Nathalie Rock as a Mar-a-Lago Waitress
  • Eric Rossenburg as a Event Attendee
  • Pete Spano as a Protester


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