Frank Cody is a conspiracy theorist, ideologue, and titular host of Let's Be Frank with Frank Cody. He is played by Erik Jensen.

Cody is a leading voice in the Five/Nine truther movement, which claims that the financial crisis is an elaborate sham. According to Cody, fsociety's attack on E Corp, the subsequent economic meltdown, and the union strike at Comet Electric are all elements of a conspiracy steered by paid "crisis actors", with the intention of instituting a totalitarian state. (“”) These theories have a significant following among the extreme right wing of the political spectrum, and have sparked protests and rallies.(“eps1.91_redwheelbarr0w.txt”) In one case, Cody's allegations have even incited violent action: in June, a truther identifying himself as "Brock" shot and killed Gideon Goddard. (“”)