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Hello, Elliot
Season 4
Episode 13
Airdate December 22, 2019
Written by Sam Esmail
Directed by Sam Esmail
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Hello, Elliot is the thirteenth episode of Season 4 and the final episode of Mr. Robot overall. It was broadcasted on December 22. 2019, and concludes the series.



<@mrrobot> Goodbye, Friend

Origin of the Title[]

  • "Hello, Elliot" is a reversed way of "Hello, Friend".


Elliot hides the alternate Elliot's body in a storage container, intent on taking the alternate Elliot's place and marrying Angela. A police officer, Dominique, attempts to arrest Elliot after she discovers the alternate Elliot's body. Elliot escapes to Coney Island, where he discovers that there was no wedding. Mr. Robot explains to Elliot that the world they are in is not the parallel world the Whiterose spoke of, but rather an illusion created by Elliot with the intention of keeping "the real Elliot" trapped. Bewildered and confused, Elliot wakes up in Krista's office. Krista (who is a manifestation of Elliot's mind at this point) explains that the Elliot we have known since the beginning of the series is not the real Elliot, but a persona called "The Mastermind" that the real Elliot created to deal with his rage and anger at the world. However, this persona decided to take over and trapped the real Elliot in the Utopian world, getting rid of Darlene, who is the real Elliot's strongest connection to reality. Krista explains that the Mastermind must give control back to the real Elliot, but he refuses as the world collapses. The Mastermind wakes up in the hospital, where Darlene reveals that the Whiterose is dead, her machine was destroyed, and she knew that the Mastermind had taken over. Accepting his identity, the Mastermind returns to Elliot's mind with the rest of his personas. The real Elliot wakes up in the hospital and is greeted by Darlene.

Episode Notes[]



  • "Ne me quitte pas (If You Go Away)" performed by Sasha Distel.
  • Outro by M83 plays at the very end of the episode, when the "Mastermind" personality Elliot sits down in the theatre and watches his life, as the original Elliot wakes up.




Guest Starring


  • Gretchen Carlson as a News Anchor

  • Uncredited

  • Austin Reed Alleman as Other Elliot
  • Dan Couri as a Pedestrian
  • Patricia Hodges as a Coney Island Tourist
  • Ken Holmes as a Masked Coney Island Wedding Guest
  • Mark Lehneman as a Masked Coney Island Guest

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