Janice is a Dark Army operative.


Janice became the overseer of Dominique DiPierro, following the death and dismemberment of Ernesto Santiago at the hands of Irving. She was first introduced to the audience after Dom was selected to replace Ernesto Santiago, Dom is having dinner of Macaroni and gravy, with her mother and Janice. After the dinner concludes, Dom escorts Janice out and reveals that she believes her mother had set the two up on a date of sorts and this is when Janice reveals intimate details regarding Dom that her mother had mentioned in conversation and that she is in the Dark Army.

She often had to threaten Dom with the lives of her mother and family members in order to make her comply.

Janice owned and worked at a Taxidermy store where she could be seen stuffing animals and accepting a dead dog from a customer.

Janice has stated, after being called crazy, that she had in fact been tested by doctors as a teenager when her passion for taxidermy was revealed. The results came back saying that she was "perfectly normal". 

Dom is contacted by Janice and told to track down Elliot Alderson and his sister Darlene Alderson after they had broken into the Cyprus National Bank.

After finding Darlene, Janice orders Dom to kill Darlene otherwise her family will suffer the wrath of the Dark Army and that she will be over at her residence in a short amount of time.

Janice arrives at Dom's apartment and not only finds Darlene alive but Dom begging Darlene to kill her with her own firearm. Janice tells Dom she has to suffer the consequences and orders the Dark Army to kill Dom's family after stabbing Dom in the chest with a kitchen knife and stating she is 99% sure she had just stabbed her in the lung.

As time passes by, Dom tells Janice to check her cell phone as someone should've been trying to call her, when Janice answers and it is revealed that Dom had her family rescued and the Dark Army operatives killed, Dom removes the knife and slices the Achilles tendon of the Dark Army operative closest to her. In a moment of shock, Janice freezes and is shot through the head as Dom kills all three operatives of the Dark Army that were in her apartment. 

Janice is mentioned once more in conversation between Dom and Irving, with Irving stating that she did the Dark Army a favour by killing Janice. 


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