Jesse is an FBI agent who works in the New Division of the FBI, investigating the 5/9 hack. He is played by Jordan Gelber.


As of late June 2015, Jesse is working alongside Dominique DiPierro at the E Corp floor commandeered by the FBI. As she arrives to work one day, he goes to her and complains that he has lost his vacation due to their workload. He also complains about a timeshare presentation he and his wife endured in Mexico.

Jesse goes with the FBI team to China on the 5/9 investigation. He wears a surgical mask throughout the airport and customs, warning his colleagues about the air, water, and data roaming charges. He is in the room where the FBI is meeting with Minister Zhang. He joins everyone else in glaring at Dom when she brings up the Dark Army.

On Monday June 30, Jesse is talking to Dom at Zhang's party. He wants to ask for General Tso's chicken rather than the noodle bowl which made him gag, as he calls "these people . . . savages." Dom leaves for the restroom. Later, he makes people uncomfortable by trying to speak Chinese.

The next day, the FBI convene in the hotel lobby before their inspection of the E Corp data centers in China. Jesse compliments Dom's sunglasses, which mask her hangover. He informs her that Santiago is upstairs on a phonecall, enraged at the news that someone smudged the fingerprints on the Raspberry Pi recovered at Steel Mountain. As gunmen start shooting, Jesse is killed when trying to run up the stairs.