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Welcome to the Mr. Robot Wiki!

Welcome to the Mr. Robot Wiki! We're happy to have you here! There's lots of ways and places you can contribute. Find a place that suits you, and dive in.

Please see our community guidelines to see what is expected of each user. We also have a For Editors tab on the top navigation menu. Under the tab you will find four helpful pages:

  • Our community guidelines. Every editor is expected to read and follow our community guidelines. They're not complicated, and largely common-sense.
  • Our editorial guidelines (MOS). To create a uniform style and stop arguments before they start, we have a simple MOS. This includes a few guidelines about page formatting, grammar and language used.
  • A list of useful templates, that an speed up user work.
  • An FAQ. If you have a question for the FAQ, drop a message on Leverage Guru's talk page.

All four documents are works in progress, so check back occasionally.

Where Can I Help?[]

If you're here to help out, view the list below to see what we need help with:

  • We need character pages expanded! Most of the major characters have a page with an infobox, but need narrative, pictures, etc.
  • We need episode summaries! If you feel you're up to the task, let an admin know that you're willing to write a full overview, so that we can coordinate with other users. We will be adding a tab to each episode page for a detailed summary, and need summary writers.
  • Do you have expertise in the show's technology? Help us identify and explain the tech and hacker techniques used in the show. We'd like to have a section in each article that explains what we see on-screen.
  • Overall, remember that red links are pages that need to be started, so if you find a red link, please help us out by creating the page. If you see a red link that you think should be removed, please check with an admin before you remove it.

The Social Side of the Wiki[]

Want to discuss? We have two areas:

  • Our forum, with a range of discussion threads, including a weekly discussion of the current episode.
  • The chat room, for real-time chat. We will be chatting once the finale ends on Wednesday evening.

Note: We have now disabled the article comments function, and replaced comments with a link to related forum threads. Everyone's comments have been archived and moved to the appropriate article talk page or forum thread. Join us, and keep the discussion going.

As the first season ends, the community will be growing quickly here. Help out where you can, and follow the community's guidelines. Thanks for being here!