Michael Hansen, real name Lenny Shannon, is Krista Gordon's ex-boyfriend. He is played by Armand Schultz.


Lenny Shannon lives at 306 Hawthorne Avenue in New York City, in apartment 2C. His favorite baseball team is the Yankees. He has a wife and their daughter was born in 2014. The family owns a small, black dog named Flipper, who was bought for 1200 dollars.

He uses Ashley Madison, online escorts, and fake Facebook pages to meet women. He also has a proclivity for young prostitutes. Recently, as of February 2015, he has started dating Krista Gordon, using the name "Michael Hansen."


In early February, Lenny has dinner with Krista at Pierre Loti. He takes a taxi home. Later that night, he is walking Flipper near his home, being aggressive with the dog, when he is approached by Elliot Alderson on the street. Elliot asks to use his phone to call his mom and Lenny obliges.

In early March, Lenny is called by Elliot, posing as someone from the Bank of E fraud department. He answers supposed security questions as Elliot tries to hack his password. Later, while walking with his wife, dog, and daughter in a stroller, he is met by Elliot who has deduced his real identity. Elliot threatens to expose him to his wife as well as to the police for having sex with a 15 year old prostitute (a lie by Elliot) unless he breaks up with Krista and tells her the truth. Lenny is hesitant to do so, as Krista is in love with him. However, as his wife crosses the street from a shop, he agrees, just as Elliot adds on the condition of taking Flipper.

On the night of May 9th, Lenny invites Krista to Pierre Loti under the pretenses that he has a fatal disease. When he reveals it was a plot, she nearly storms off. He explains that one of her patients hacked him and that the police have been investigating him for six weeks. He proves that Elliot has stolen his dog, as a microchip embedded in Flipper was recognized at a vet. By then, his wife has left him, filing divorce proceedings, and taken his daughter. Some time before, an Ashley Madison leak occurred, although the IRL leak occurred on July 15, 2015. Lenny implores her to help him bring Elliot to justice, with the idea that he has hacked other people as well, including her.

Afterwards, Lenny returns home with something to eat, just as news is breaking about the 5/9 hack and its catastrophic fallout.

On the night of the 12th, police arrest Elliot on charges of unauthorized use of a computer, computer trespass, and grand larceny. They seize his computers and animal control seizes Flipper. Within 24 hours, Elliot is arraigned and sentenced to 18 months in county jail, pleading guilty to the charges. The plaintiff, Lenny, is pleased.

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