Project Berenstain is an illegal FBI surveillance program described in “eps2.2_init1.asec”. Cisco tells Darlene that fsociety might fall under surveillance in that system.

Known Participants

  • Kirby Rixton, Deputy General Counsel
  • Michael Kirkpatrick, Assistant Director-In-Charge
  • Douglas 'Doug' Gitelman, Deputy Director
  • Lorin Connor, Supervisory Special Agent


Berenstain Bears-Run Amok Robot
  • The Berenstain Bears are a family of fictional bears who teach children simple life lessons across a series of books, and later videos and software.
  • Project Berenstain takes its name from a relatively new conspiracy theory that holds that, at one time, Berenstain was spelled Bernstein, despite the bears taking the authors' names. The theory is often cited as proof of the so-called "Mandela Effect", a shared, but faulty, memory that something that did not actually happen (i.e. that Nelson Mandela died in prison, thus the name) actually did. In this case, the error in memory very likely results from a combination of the obvious similarity to the more common spellings (Berenstein or Bernstein), the tendency of the brain to "see" what it knows (we see Berenstein even when a book says Berenstain), and misspellings of the name in early media about the books. Taken to its extreme, as happens with internet-based theories, some proponents hold that the widely-held belief in the alleged (but non-existent) alternate spelling is evidence of a parallel universe, where the spelling is correct.
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