Ray Heyworth is a man from Elliot's neighborhood who he sees at the basketball courts. He is played by Craig Robinson.

Impact on Elliot's Life

Ray attempts to engage Elliot in conversation, but is unsuccessful at first. Ray does end up getting Elliot to talk to him. Ray even considers Elliot to be special. He compares him to people like Moses, Jesus, Paul and John, as all of those prophets also had the same problem as Elliot, which is hearing voices in their heads telling them to do things.

Ray asks Elliot to do him a favor, which was to do something to do with the migration system. Elliot agrees to do it and before Elliot was about to start Ray warns him not to fool around and look at what he did for a living. The migration system had to do with the website Ray was running. Elliot begins his work and arrives at a block where he needed permission to the encrypt data. So Elliot asks Ray that he needs to meet with the previous person that was helping Ray with the websites. Ray hesitates and says to Elliot that wasn't he a master with theses kinds of things. Elliot says he needs to meet the previous person. Ray agrees and introduces the previous person. When him and Elliot were working, Elliot noticed that half his face was beat up. Elliot asked what happened, Rat Tail doesn't reply since Ray left one of his men in the room. So Elliot opens up notepad on Ray's computer and that's where they end up talking. Rat tail then shows Elliot the website that Ray didn't want him to see and the website he was working on. After that Rat Tail leaves the room. Elliot was scrolling through when the website was a dark web website.

In the next scene Elliot and Mr. Robot were discussing about ratting Ray out to the police. After that scene there was a scene were Elliot was kidnapped by two men while sleeping, and outside the house, Ray comes out of his vehicle. He then explains to Elliot that he shouldn't have looked at the website. Elliot asks how he found and Ray replies it's easy to get information out of him, dropping Rat Tail's pony tail which had blood, indicating they probably killed him. The two men then surround Elliot and start physically attacking him.

Personal Life

Ray had a wife but unfortunately she passed away. He doesn't say her name and implies she died in a car accident. Ray also has a dog. He operates a site on the dark web that promotes human, drug & weapon trafficking, hitmen, etc.

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