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Steel Mountain
Members Bill Harper, Trudy Davis, Wendy Gallagher, Lois Berry
Headquarters Albany, New York


Steel Mountain. The hacker's dilemma. What to do when a bunch of data you want to destroy is completely off the grid?

Steel Mountain is a data security facility headquartered in a former limestone mine in the Adirondack Mountains, near Albany. With its steel gates, armed guards, and CCTV surveillance, Steel Mountain provides information management services to most corporations in the S&P 500, including E Corp.  

Steel Mountain's headquarters are adjacent to Comet Electric.  


The "Room 48" data center at Iron Mountain.

Steel Mountain is based on Iron Mountain, a real-world company offering records management, information destruction, data backup and recovery services. In addition to underground vaults in Massachusetts and Missouri, Iron Mountain's best-known facility is a repurposed limestone mine in Boyers, Pennsylvania, home to the "Room 48" data center. Much like Steel Mountain, Iron Mountain has its own restaurant, fire trucks, water treatment plant and backup power infrastructure.

The Steel Mountain hack is inspired by the Stuxnet worm, an alleged US-Israeli cyberweapon designed to sabotage Iran's nuclear program. Targeting programmable logic controllers (PLCs), Stuxnet took control of the rotor speed of uranium enrichment centrifuges, rapidly accelerating and decelerating the units to create mechanical stress. Stuxnet destroyed as many as one thousand centrifuges, and delayed Iran's nuclear program by roughly three years. (“Mr. Robot_dec0d3d.doc”)