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This template can be used to test whether a parameter refers to an episode or not.

The decision is based on the format of the parameter:

If it has the format epsS.E, where 1 ≤ S and 0 ≤ E ≤ 9, the template evaluates to 1, otherwise to 0.

Examples / Tests

  • {{IsEpisode|eps1.0}} evaluates to 1.
  • {{IsEpisode|eps1.9}} evaluates to 1.
  • {{IsEpisode|eps0.1}} evaluates to 0.
  • {{IsEpisode|eps1.10}} evaluates to 0.
  • {{IsEpisode|Mr. Robot}} evaluates to 0.
  • {{IsEpisode|Elliot Alderson}} evaluates to 0.
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