• Hi there

    Could you unlock season 4 page? there's s much need to do, like production note, behind the scene pictures, trailer & teaser, and also adding some template like Season Navigation. Season Navigation also need an update.

    Thank you.

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    • Also, maybe you could change characters picture in main page with this Season 3 characters posters that i already uploaded.

      S3 poster - Elliot Alderson
      S3 poster - Mr. Robot
      S3 poster - Darlene Alderson
      S3 poster - Angela Moss
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    • I have Season 4 images and video to add. Once I get some basic set-up done, I'll unlock. While I'm doing set-up, I keep everything locked; it cuts down on confusion. Bear with me; I'll be working on it all this weekend now I have the some work-related time demands behind me.

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